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Along with the continuous expansion of product application range, guaranteeing the standardization, effectiveness and timeliness of the pre-sale, in-sale and after sales service has increasingly become the focus that the customers concern. Through the continuous optimization of internal management and the practical implementation of series effective measures, the quality of our service is guaranteed.
Baoding Huayue Rubber Belts Co., Ltd., with active and quick response, is ready to render you "Four-All Services".

 Pre-sale: Select the type correctly, reasonably and reliably; based on the customer's project, design and recommend the scheme that is most suitable for the customer’s actual demand;

 In-sale: Establish a professional service team and care for customers all the time provide free technical training, guide installation and commissioning, or provide installation service directly.

After-sale: Keep follow-up record, make patrol inspection, render all-around maintenance, remove hidden troubles quickly, and ensure equipment runs normally.

All-weather service: No matter it is windy or rainy, daytime or nighttime, near or far, once you dial our service hotline, Huayue will arrive promptly.

All-around service: Design the optimum solution, guide the operation method, pay a return visit regularly, arrange routine repair and scheduled lifetime maintenance.

All-for-you service: Listen to the customer's demand patiently, care for the customer's vital interest.

Service Hotline: +86-312-8349999
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